The Lee Bay Hotel on the North Devon coast between Ilfracombe and Woolacombe has been fenced off and derelict for 18 years, with many locals and visitors rightly describing it as an eyesore. Despite numerous demolition and planning applications over the years, DSW Group won the contract to demolish the building in 2003.

The building contained hazardous asbestos, which we carefully removed before the mechanical and soft-strip demolition could take place. In order for this initial stage to happen, we installed temporary flooring so that our asbestos removal team could work safely. As you can image, over the years of the building being open to the elements, the internal wooden and steel structures had massively degraded.

Once we successfully removed and safely disposed of the asbestos, our Soft-Strip team moved in and removed any non-structural elements of the property.

Our mechanical demolition team are now on-site and are making great headway in bringing down the structure, removing the foundations and the old swimming pool. As part of our recycling commitments, DSW will be crushing any waste concrete using one of our own concrete crushers. This waste crushed material will find a new lease of life as it will be stockpiled on site in order to be used in the regeneration stage of the project. Any other waste will be brought back to our waste facility for further processing and recycling in accordance with the current Waste Regulations.