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Contaminated Land Remediation Services in the South West

The complete service – from initial land survey to extraction of pollutants

Our dedicated team provide a complete service including surveying, excavation and removal of pollutants and contaminants within the ground. We regularly work on large scale contracts to restore land before construction projects can begin.

Whether you need oils, fuels, or toxic substances such as asbestos extracting from the ground, call DSW for a professional and complete service. We will ensure your land is made safe and all work is completed in compliance with regulatory requirements. To find out how we can assist with your project, get in touch.

Crusher and screener hire in Cornwall & Devon - DSW Group Ltd

Why is it so important to remediate contaminated land?

As regulatory requirements concerning land have evolved over the years, it is commonplace for construction companies to find that land intended for development is contaminated in some way.

For example, asbestos, oils, chemicals and other toxic contaminants may pollute the earth. These toxic substances will need extracting before any construction work can commence.

Our team of professional land remediation experts are highly knowledgeable. We use a range of proven techniques to extract unwanted material and substances from the ground. Furthermore, we will provide all the required plant equipment which can save you both time and money.

We can restore the value and integrity of your land

In addition to removing contaminants from land, we can also restore it according to your requirements. DSW can supply a wide range of aggregates including 6F2 crushed concrete and a range of soil grades to meet your needs.

Land restoration is required as part of land remediation services. In addition, restoration may be required to prevent land degradation or for landscaping and agricultural requirements.

Our fleet of skip hire trucks can deliver large loads of aggregate directly to your site saving you both time and money. To find out more about our land restoration services please get in touch.

Contact us about our Contaminated Land Remediation services in Cornwall & Devon

We offer truly comprehensive Contaminated Land Remediation services throughout Cornwall, Devon and beyond. Please get in touch and one of the DSW team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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