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Rubble from demolition projects in CornwallDemolition

What happens to the rubble from demolished buildings?

The rubble that DSW collect from demolished buildings typically undergoes several processes for disposal and recycling back our depot in St Austell. Here's what generally happens to rubble from demolished buildings: Sorting and Removal: After a building is demolished, the debris and rubble is typically…
Kurt Trew
NVQ Training & Accreditation - DSW GroupAccreditation

NVQ Awards

At DSW we invest heavily in ensuring that our team are trained to high standards; not only for our own benefit, but to ensure that the individuals themselves are becoming the very best that they can be. We were delighted to have received new NVQ…
Kurt Trew
Demolition Contractors - DSWCornwallDemolition

Demolition in Cornwall: Shaping the County’s Future

Cornwall, a beautiful county in southwest England, is experiencing a remarkable transformation. With its stunning coastline, rich history, and vibrant culture, Cornwall has always been a popular tourist destination. But now, it is undergoing a regeneration that is reshaping its future. Demolition projects are playing…
Kurt Trew

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