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Waste Transfer Station in Cornwall

Our waste transfer facility holds a current waste permit in accordance with the Environment Agency allowing us to accept Hazardous and Non- hazardous waste. Permit Ref: EPR/GB3006CY

Our Waste Transfer Station (WTS) operates a swift waste transfer service to holders of current Waste Carriers Licences and to members of the public, providing a fast and convenient service to unload your waste.

The Domellick Manor Waste Transfer Station is suitable for even the largest of rigid bodied vehicles and we take pride in the speed that those unloading their waste are back out on the road again. This means less time wasted queueing and unloading, leaving you more time to concentrate on your own business. Our site caters for anything from the smallest of garden jobs to major demolition works.

With decades of experience within the waste industry we endeavour to continue investing in the newest technologies and consistently researching different methods of recycling, in order to minimise the amount of waste taken to landfill.

This has led to the examination of materials that can be recovered by various processes. The recycling of these materials, along with a better understanding and awareness of all contributing environmental matters, is of great concern to both the company and the construction and commercial industry as a whole.

Waste Acceptance

Our Mid-Cornwall based Waste Transfer Station currently accepts the below listed waste streams.

  • Plasterboard
  • Timber
  • Stone / Brick
  • General Construction Waste
  • Asbestos Waste
  • Scrap metals

Non-Conforming Waste

Waste that is brought to the WTS and is not deemed as a “clean” waste
including general construction waste) will be subject to an additional processing fee of £50 per ton and full payment must be received within 14 days & prior to the customer delivering more waste if sooner. Waste generated by this work will then be charged at the above categorised waste disposal cost. All waste requiring unarranged ons-ite processing will be photographically documented and future loads by the customer may be thoroughly inspected prior to acceptance.

Prior to slate tiles and to plaster board waste with textured coatings/artex being excepted to our WTS we require proof of negative asbestos sampling results. Any waste brought to the WTS that is found to contain Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) will result in the entire load being treated as asbestos waste incurring additional fees.

Asbestos Waste Rates

All asbestos waste is defined as ‘hazardous waste’ in England and Wales when it contains more than 0.1% asbestos. The corresponding waste legislation is therefore subject to enforcement by the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales. Waste containing asbestos must be consigned under the relevant waste rules which include a “duty of care”. That duty of care means, amongst other things, that duty holders prevent escape of the waste whilst it is in their control.

All movements must be accompanied by a hazardous/special waste consignment note. The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 apply.

Additional Asbestos Waste Terms & Conditions

  • All Asbestos waste brought to the WTS MUST be double bagged and/or wrapped and clearly labeled. Any waste brought to site that is not wrapped / bagged / labeled will be rejected and the Environment Agency notified.
  • Completed Hazardous waste consignment notes must accompany all trade deliveries of Asbestos.

With our in-house asbestos surveying team, we are also able to attend site and undertake sampling & surveys to confirm the presence of asbestos. Giving you peace of mind also confirming how the waste needs to be compliantly disposed of.

Vehicle Collection & Labour Rates

DSW provide friendly, reliable and professional waste management services to all types of businesses no matter how big or small, and ensure you comply with the 2012 Waste Regulations.

We can handle the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of most forms of waste including general waste, wood, soils & stone, plastic waste and hazardous waste.

Commercial waste collections are available across Cornwall with our rates listed below.


Within the DSW Environmental depot we have a crushing and screening facility allowing us to produce a variety of recycled stone materials/aggregates for resale to the public.

Please see below a list of products you can collect from our depot or we deliver throughout Cornwall.

  • Recycled 6F2
  • 803 Type 1
  • SA 80 0/4mm Rough Sand
  • BS 1200 Mort Sand 0/2mm
  • 20mm Chippings
  • OA60 0/40mm Scalps

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