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Bales of Recovered Paper in Recycling Plant

Cornwall's Waste Management Providers 

Our waste management site in St. Austell caters to all your waste disposal and recycling requirements, processing waste from all areas of Cornwall and Devon.

Business waste disposal & recycling

Our commercial waste management services are tailored to your business needs. As registered waste carriers, we have our own state-of-the-art waste transfer station to deal with all your recycling and rubbish removal needs.


As a result, we sort all rubbish to separate recyclable materials from general waste to ensure that we minimise the amount of rubbish that is sent to landfill.

Grapple in front of large heap of scrap wood in recycling centre
Paper waste on production line in Cornwall

Comprehensive waste management

We provide a large fleet of refuse collection vehicles to cater for all kinds of commercial waste disposal needs.


We hold a licence issued by the Environment Agency that permits us to carry waste, including some types of hazardous material such as tyres and asbestos, if required.


As a result, we offer businesses throughout Cornwall and Devon a comprehensive waste management service that covers all your rubbish disposal and recycling needs.

Timely commercial waste collection

Whether you require a weekly, monthly or ad-hoc collection service, we can tailor our services to meet the needs of your business. If required, we can also provide one-off collections.


We have the capacity to fulfil the needs of commercial organisations of all sizes. Whether you are a large corporate company, an SME or a sole trader, our professional rubbish disposal services are designed around your individual requirements. 

We can even provide specialist recycling bins - cutting landfill costs and maintaining your eco-friendly credentials.

Cardboard ready for recycling

Our drive-through service makes us the convenient choice!

  • We accept commercial refuse directly at our waste depot. Clients can drive into our facility and tip commercial rubbish at any time during our opening hours. 

  • We have our own onsite weighbridge

  • Landfill costs do not apply to recyclable materials


We accept the following types of commercial waste:



Paper & cardboard









Construction waste

Some types of hazardous materials including asbestos (additional charges apply)

Demolition of an old skyscraper with a hydraulic gripper

At DSW Environmental Ltd in St. Austell, we have all your waste management and disposal needs covered

Tel: 01726 860093

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