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Online Skip Hire in Cornwall

We offer skip hire in and around Cornwall and we deliver and collect within an approximate radius of 25 miles from St Dennis, near St Austell.

Our skips for hire online are great for domestic jobs:

  • House clearance
  • Heavy gardening jobs
  • Home improvements
  • Landscaping projects
  • …many more

We calculate delivery/collection costs by postcodes within certain zones. Click here to see which postcode zone you are in, but our online skip hire system will calculate the delivery/collection costs during the checkout process.

Select your skip size below and book online – Skips are measured by volume in Cubic Yards, so a 2 yard skip has a volume of 2 yds3 etc…

Please make us aware of any potential access problems to your site when booking online. Any bookings with tighter turns or access of under roughly 10.5ft, require one of our smaller lorries. You will be able to provide this information during the checkout process in the delivery notes section.

2 Yard Skip Hire Image - DSW Cornwall

2 Yard Skip

Designed for small amounts of household, garden, or builders’ waste. It can hold approximately 20-30 filled bin bags.

£165.00 exc. VAT
4 Yard Skip Hire Image - DSW Cornwall

4 Yard Skip

Our 4 yard skip will hold between 30-40 bin bags, or about 12 wheelie bins worth of waste. It is about the same amount of waste you’d roughly be able to fit in a small car.

£185.00 exc. VAT
6 Yard Skip Hire Image - DSW Cornwall

6 Yard Skip

Holds the equivalent of 40-55 bin bags or around 12 wheelie bins worth of waste.

£205.00 exc. VAT
8 Yard Skip Hire Image - DSW Cornwall

8 Yard Skip

Holds between 70 to 80 large black bin bags of waste, or about 25 wheelie bins’ worth of waste.

£275.00 exc. VAT
12 Yard Skip Hire Image - DSW Cornwall

12 Yard Skip

Our 12 yard skips can hold about 120 bin bags of waste, or large amounts of light bulky waste, such as furniture, plastics and packaging waste.

£305.00 exc. VAT
12 Yard Skip Hire (Enclosed) Image - DSW Cornwall

12 Yard Skip (Enclosed)

Our enclosed 12 yard skips can hold about 120 bin bags of waste, or large amounts of light bulky waste, such as furniture, plastics and packaging waste. The lockable lid allows for secure storage of the contents and prevents other parties using the skip without your permission.

£485.00 exc. VAT

Zone One Delivery/collection: £0

PL24 2*, PL25 3*, PL25 4*, PL25 5*, PL25 9*, PL26 6*, PL26 7*, PL26 8*, PL27 7*, PL27 9*, PL28 8*, PL30 4*, PL30 5*, PL31 1*, PL31 2*, PL31 9*, TR1 1*, TR1 2*, TR1 9*, TR4 9*, TR6 0*, TR7 1*, TR7 2*, TR7 3*, TR7 9*, TR8 4*, TR8 5*, TR9 6*,

Zone Two Delivery/collection: £30

PL22 0*, PL23 1*, PL27 6*, PL29 3*, PL30 3*, PL32 9*, PL33 9*, TR1 3*, TR10 8*, TR10 9*, TR11 2*, TR11 9*, TR14 0*, TR14 7*, TR14 8*, TR15 1*, TR15 2*, TR15 3*, TR15 9*, TR16 4*, TR16 5*, TR2 4*, TR3 6*, TR3 7*, TR4 8*, TR5 0*, TR2 5AF, TR2 5DS, TR2 5DU, TR2 5DX, TR2 5DY, TR2 5DZ, TR2 5EA, TR2 5EB, TR2 5ED, TR2 5EE, TR2 5EF, TR2 5EG, TR2 5EH, TR2 5EJ, TR2 5EL, TR2 5EN, TR2 5EP, TR2 5EQ, TR2 5ER, TR2 5ES, TR2 5ET, TR2 5EU, TR2 5EW, TR2 5EX, TR2 5EY, TR2 5EZ, TR2 5GA, TR2 5HA, TR2 5HD, TR2 5HE, TR2 5HF, TR2 5HG, TR2 5HH, TR2 5HJ, TR2 5HL, TR2 5HN, TR2 5HP, TR2 5HQ, TR2 5HR, TR2 5HS, TR2 5HT, TR2 5HW, TR2 5LP, TR2 5UL, TR2 5UP, TR2 5UU, TR2 5SH, TR2 5FF, TR2 5LH, TR2 5LL, TR2 5LN, TR2 5LR, TR2 5LS, TR2 5LU, TR2 5LW, TR2 5LY, TR2 5LZ, TR2 5NA, TR2 5NB, TR2 5ND, TR2 5NE, TR2 5NF, TR2 5NG, TR2 5JP, TR2 5JR, TR2 5LE, TR2 5LF, TR2 5LX, TR2 5NJ, TR2 5NL, TR2 5NN, TR2 5NP, TR2 5NR, TR2 5NS, TR2 5NT, TR2 5NU, TR2 5NW, TR2 5AA, TR2 5AB, TR2 5AD, TR2 5AE, TR2 5AG, TR2 5AH, TR2 5AJ, TR2 5AL, TR2 5AN, TR2 5AP, TR2 5AQ, TR2 5AR, TR2 5AS, TR2 5AT, TR2 5AU, TR2 5AW, TR2 5AX, TR2 5AY, TR2 5AZ, TR2 5BA, TR2 5BB, TR2 5BD, TR2 5BG, TR2 5BH, TR2 5BJ, TR2 5BL, TR2 5BN, TR2 5BP, TR2 5BQ, TR2 5BS, TR2 5BT, TR2 5BU, TR2 5BW, TR2 5BX, TR2 5BY, TR2 5BZ, TR2 5DA, TR2 5DB, TR2 5DD, TR2 5DE, TR2 5DF, TR2 5DG, TR2 5DH, TR2 5DJ, TR2 5DL, TR2 5DN, TR2 5DP, TR2 5DQ, TR2 5DR, TR2 5DT, TR2 5DW, TR2 5FE, TR2 5HB, TR2 5HY, TR2 5HZ, TR2 5JA, TR2 5JB, TR2 5JD, TR2 5JE, TR2 5JF, TR2 5JG, TR2 5JH, TR2 5JJ, TR2 5JL, TR2 5JN, TR2 5JQ, TR2 5JW, TR2 5LG, TR2 5UH, TR2 5UJ, TR2 5UN, TR2 5XA, TR2 5XY, TR2 5FD, TR2 5JS, TR2 5JT, TR2 5JU, TR2 5JX, TR2 5JY, TR2 5JZ, TR2 5LA, TR2 5LB, TR2 5LD, TR2 5LJ, TR2 5NQ, TR2 5PB, TR2 5PE, TR2 5PF, TR2 5PG, TR2 5PH, TR2 5PJ, TR2 5PL, TR2 5PN, TR2 5PP, TR2 5PQ, TR2 5PR, TR2 5PS, TR2 5PT, TR2 5PU, TR2 5PW, TR2 5PX, TR2 5QA, TR2 5QB, TR2 5QD, TR2 5QE, TR2 5QF, TR2 5QG, TR2 5QH, TR2 5QJ, TR2 5QL, TR2 5QN, TR2 5QP, TR2 5QQ, TR2 5QR, TR2 5QS, TR2 5QT, TR2 5QU, TR2 5QW, TR2 5QX, TR2 5QY, TR2 5QZ, TR2 5RA, TR2 5RB, TR2 5RD, TR2 5RE, TR2 5RG, TR2 5RH, TR2 5RL, TR2 5RQ, TR2 5SR, TR2 5SS, TR2 5ST, TR2 5SU, TR2 5SX, TR2 5SY, TR2 5TF, TR2 5TQ, TR2 5UW, TR2 5XB,

Zone Three Delivery/collection: £30

EX23 0*, EX23 3*, EX23 8*, EX23 9*, PL10 1*, PL11 2*, PL11 3*, PL12 4*, PL12 5*, PL12 6*, PL12 9*, PL13 1*, PL13 2*, PL13 9*, PL14 3*, PL14 4*, PL14 5*, PL14 6*, PL14 9*, PL15 0*, PL15 7*, PL15 8*, PL15 9*, PL17 0*, PL17 7*, PL17 8*, PL18 9*, PL34 0*, PL35 0*, TR11 3*, TR11 4*, TR11 5*, TR12 6*, TR12 7*, TR13 0*, TR13 3*, TR13 8*, TR13 9*, TR14 4*, TR14 9*, TR16 6*, TR17 0*, TR18 2*, TR18 3*, TR18 4*, TR18 5*, TR18 9*, TR19 6*, TR19 7*, TR20 8*, TR20 9*, TR26 1*, TR26 2*, TR26 3*, TR26 9*, TR27 4*, TR27 5*, TR27 6*, TR27 9*,

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